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Bramble Park Zoo, Watertown, SD

Bramble Park Zoo’s current advertising campaign encourages folks to “Come Closer”. This is what my family likes most about this small zoo – a visitor can get really close to the animals and have a real experience with them. None of my photos here were taken with a Zoom lens, by the way.

Featuring many native plant species as well as over 800 animals, this 15-acre park is an ideal place for families to visit in one day or less. The Bramble Park Zoo had its 100 Year Anniversary in 2012, and the collection has been housed at its present location since 1940.

It was a little chilly when we most recently visited this Zoo, but the boys were up for some fresh air and some running around.



I love the fact that I can get up close to the animals here. While all of the enclosures are designed with safety in mind, a visitor can really see what is going on in each exhibit.

Here is a reindeer (a.k.a. caribou). We were feeding corn kernels to some ducks that were hanging out with the reindeer inside their area when this guy came over to see what was going on. Turned out that he wanted some corn, too. He reminded me so much of my old collie dog, Bentley, who would patiently wait for a hand out – not exactly begging, but it was hard not to notice him standing there all the same. We tossed this guy some treats.


These little foxes are usually not seen in their enclosure. They have been hiding or sleeping other times when I’ve been to this Zoo. Here they are! The fox on the left kept trying to poke and nip at the fox on the right who was trying to sleep in a sunspot.


Here is another guy who is trying to nap in a sun spot. This is a new bear enclosure. Honestly, he looks pretty comfortable. I also took a shot of a bear statue that was nearby. There are some very nice works of art throughout the Zoo and this is one of them.

547787_10153447808845714_63752746_n   1459787_10153447809370714_780352773_n

Now, because I had my boys with me and we were running zig zag all over the Zoo, I didn’t write down what this guy is. He is either a very small wolf or a very well-fed Coyote. My guess is the later. Keep in mind, coyotes in the wild are rarely so plump and well cared for.


There are many interactive learning areas near related animal enclosures. Here Thing1 compares his own wing span against those of other bird species. He also hangs out in a rather large nest.

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My family’s favorite area of any Zoo is the Big Cat area, and Bramble Park Zoo does not disappoint!

Sleepy kitties? Well, not so much. The white tiger was resting peacefully until he heard a bird fluttering around the outside of his cage. When it landed close on some brush, this little kitty-guy suddenly leaped to catch the bird – leaped higher than my 5’7″ height, in fact! I have to say, watching the tiger…be a tiger…was truly awesome.

1453413_10153447819330714_962456172_n 1460102_10153447807380714_2006222949_n

And then there was this snow leopard. Have you ever seen one of these cats before? Usually not, I suspect. They are very shy about being seen, even in Zoos where they are used to people milling about. This guy was right up front and center, and “played” with us a little bit. Thing2 ran alongside the snow leopard’s enclosure and the snow leopard ran right along side of him. Back and forth they went. And yeah, maybe Snow Leopard was thinking that Thing2 was lunch, but I don’t think that his body language said this. My best guess is that he was being playful at the time.


After running with Thing2, this snow leopard hopped up to about my height. I made cat purring sounds to him and he started rubbing his face on the enclosure mesh and purring back – just like a house cat. He was a lot of fun. This moment was really special for me because I used to walk past snow leopards every day when I worked at the Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Virginia (a part of the National Zoo, Washington, D.C.) and all I ever wanted was to see a snow leopard! This guy was wonderful.

1463057_10153447816550714_1752045552_n 1456588_10153447812845714_624164395_n

The Zoo offers an indoor Discovery Center experience as well, which includes the Terry Redlin Environmental Center (completed in February of 2010), which highlights the unique geography of northeastern South Dakota. Redlin, a native of Watertown, SD and a highly regarded wildlife artist, and helped support the newest center at the Park. [You can also stop by then Redlin Art Center, also located in Watertown, S.D. just off I-29.]

Thing2 loves elephants and zebras and thought that these “models” were great. I didn’t mention to him that they were…real. Also, am I the only one who is weirded out by the fact that this elephant doesn’t have a body?

1391927_10153447831660714_267247198_n 1382972_10153447830960714_1993602831_n


The Bramble Park Zoo is open during the Winter from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and during the Summer from10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is cheap! 2 years and younger are FREE, 3 to 12 years are $5 +tax, and 13+ are $7 +tax. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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