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Palisades State Park, South Dakota

This past Saturday my family went on a weekend adventure to Palisades State Park in southeastern South Dakota. The weather was perfect and Fall was displayed in all her glory.


Located on the Coteau des Prairies, Palisades State Park includes Split Rock Creek, which has eroded and cut down the Sioux Quartzite for the past 1.2 billion years.


Lewis and Clark?


This formation is one of the few places that contains catlinite, also called “pipestone”, which the local Native Americans have used to fashion “peace” pipes out of for centuries.


I’m pretty sure that I hate the word “selfie”, but here I am, hiking through the woods.



Here Thing1 re-enacts Jesse James’ infamous leap from Devil’s Gulch Peak to Palisades State Park, minus the horse, obviously.


This steel truss bridge, built in 1908, is on the Register of National Historic Structures.


There is a little playground set near the parking lot for the park.


As my son would say, Palisades State Park is 157 acres of AWESOME. You can camp, rock climb, canoe, picnic, fishing, and much more to do here. We only hiked for the afternoon, but there are four trails to choose from, each winding through some incredible rock formations.

Day passes start at either $4 per person, or $6 per carload. Camping prices can be found here. Prices vary depending on what you want to do – tent it, stay in a cabin, or sleep in the Lodge.

Highly recommended!

Emily, Doer of Stuff