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Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel

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I was recently obliged to stay at the impressive Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, part of the Marriott family of hotels. I had a meeting at this facility and it made sense to stay here while I was in town. Located just across the line into Virginia from Washington’s Reagan International Airport, this hotel offers close proximity to everything Downtown D.C. has to see and do, but remains out of the hustle and bustle of D.C.’s infamous traffic. I spent very little time trying to figure out how to find my way from the airport – both Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines serve Reagan, and the Renaissance runs a shuttle bus about every 20 minutes with free and easy door-to-door service.

The physical building itself is quite handsome with its light blue glass plates and exposed metal surfaces. Everything about the design choices invites the guest into the lobby from the drop-off area. The entrance gives off a cool, smooth, and relaxed feeling.

Juxtapose this nice, peaceful feeling with that of the interior lobby – constant movement and motion, bright colors that “pop”, abrupt and angular furniture pieces – I found the lobby to be a little “too much” in terms of its assault on my brain. I also couldn’t figure out the direction of the check-in desk upon moving into the building and had to ask. Of course it was nearby (See it there? It’s that light-colored desk that blends right into the walls surrounding it. The only thing to set the check-in area off is the large blue art behind it.), but was visually blocked by this:


Which, by the way, at night turns into this:


This is a kinetic wood sculpture by Charlie Whinney, called “Dance of the Forest”. Luckily it moves very slowly so as not to be startling. Those tall, white textured pillars, while clearly a nod to falling water, are still large blind areas for the guest. There was just too much going on right here for my personal comfort level.

Another criticism with the area is that the width of the immediate reception area, just inside the front door of the hotel, is entirely too narrow for large incoming or outgoing groups. When I arrived, mid-afternoon, this area was calm enough. I was able to greet other people from my meeting as we straggled in. But as the day went on and larger numbers of people came and went, this area of high-traffic tended toward being clogged.

It is clear to me that there is a theme of “motion” inside this hotel. This makes total sense if you consider the hotel’s location. From various points throughout, a guest can see airplanes taking off and landing at Reagan International Airport, Washington’s Metro system, commercial and passenger trains whizzing by, the waters of the Potomac River flowing, cars zooming past on the highway – motion is inseparable from the D.C./Arlington area.

At this point, I’ve gotten all of the negative out of the way. I enjoyed my stay here immensely. The offered amenities were appropriate for the price point of this facility, the meeting rooms were spacious and comfortable, and my personal hotel room was wonderful.

Here are some photos taken of elements of my room. I realized afterwards that I hadn’t really focused much photo-attention on this area, mostly because I wasn’t really in my room very much.

The blue shade coloring here is my own add-on, but this is exactly how the room felt – cool, calm, and peaceful. I think that my stripy socked feet say it all – truly comfortable. And that bed – WOW. Had I the opportunity, I would have spent more time here. Even the pillows were right (and I am a very picky pillow person – I like MY pillow). My roommate said that the coffee service was of good quality. I totally loved the Aveda products in the bathroom – some kind of mint-herb scent.


Here I am, ready to face the day. You can see the nice plush carpeting. While I have a slight inhibition to walking barefoot in hotels, I ignored my anxiety-prone brain and put my toes down on these threads. And, while no different really than any other hotel room – 2 double beds, TV and TV stand, mini-desk with lamp and chair, comfy chair with little table, etc., the overall feeling was open and airy. The huge plate glass window was a large part of this feeling, but even at night when the curtains were closed, my roommate and I never felt like we were in each other’s way.

This shot is from the day I was leaving:


I really like this little side table. Totally says ‘The Jetsons’.


But…. I was here for a meeting, remember? Ah – there I am! (And yes, I do have a Jack Skellington iPhone case. What can I say – always mature and responsible, that’s me.)


This is a general area for mixing and milling about:


So, water droplets, right? Yes, but those are also very large ceramic plates.


Next is the main ballroom where we had our group meetings and food service. You can see that the idea of water droplets is carried through to this area.


This is a sitting area at the far end of one of the main hallways – a great place to sneak off during breaks. Interesting choice of furniture, though. (And this is where my lack of skill as an interior designer shows….) I couldn’t help but think to myself that those white chairs would be hard to keep clean, and the blue sparkle pleather looked like, well, material used on banana bicycle seats in the 1970s.


Yes, I said “sparkle pleather”:


The business amenities were great and the catering was WONDERFUL! Very good food, every meal. No complaints here at all.

Now let’s talk about flooring. And here, I fear, I must explain that I generally can’t stand the bizarre and overly-busy-borderline-one-of-Dante’s-plains-of-hell carpeting usually found in hotels. What gives, hotel industry? Why the need to startle people who are just trying to walk?!? I, the carpet freak, actually got along pretty well with the varying carpet designs throughout this hotel. Here are some samples (Geographer’s foot for scale.)




I actually liked the color choices here and the way that the overall design flowed. There was nothing abrupt about this walking surface.

I also liked this floor inset. I’d have it in my own house if I had a floor that would work with something like this.




Caged overhead lighting:


I’ll probably get in some kind of trouble for saying this, but I thought these looked a little like a toilet paper explosion of some kind, or perhaps a TP roll clawed by a cat. Clearly I don’t understand a certain modern element of interior design.


And here we have the Star Wars space ship docking station. My oldest son would love to have a fixture like this in his room. And, to be honest, I think this would go well in our stairwell, despite the age of my home.



Okay, now what is this supposed to be? Here are a few suggestions overheard at my meeting – slugs, seagulls, birds in formation, fat people diving…. Each figure was so lopsided and lumpy that the whole “flight” pairing really didn’t work for me.


I was told by a friend who had stayed at this hotel before that I was in for a real treat if I went to the ladies room off the main lobby. Here we go!

The Enchanted Forest hallway to the loos:


Now, having most recently made my home in South Dakota, this wall really works, right? Like, for a men’s room during hunting season? Well…this is the ladies room. That was a lot of orange right there, my friend.


Then all of that lovely orange was reflected right back on itself with this backlit-mirror – the white birds are cuts outs in the mirror’s surface. Intriguing use of LED lights in the water fixtures, too. Again, Thing1 would love this sort of thing. All of this located within convenient arm’s reach of a truly massive pyramid of paper towels. I…I…um, well.


I hope this little airplant guy likes orange.


Other sightings:






The Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel totally wins my admiration with this last amenity offered for FREE to guests – Trek Allant bikes for use around town! I’ve never been to a hotel with free bike use before. This is a very smart and healthy way to encourage guests to see the town and get in some exercise while visiting.


And then I was gone….


Did I like the hotel? YES.
Would I ever stay here again? YES.
Would I recommend this hotel to my friends? YES. Absolutely and without hesitation!

You can book your next stay at a Marriott hotel by clicking here.

Go. Explore. Do.

Emily, Doer of Stuff


Chalk Craze!

I had the opportunity to take my boys to an event called “Chalk Craze” in Brookings, SD back in July on Saturday the 28th. Hosted by Brookings Arts Council  and the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, local artists of all ages are invited to register and draw whatever they’d like on their very own 4 x 4 foot square of sidewalk right off the Downtown area along Kidoodle Way. There are really two events here – a judged art competition for the more art-inclined, and a family-friendly version for groups to create a collaborative picture.

DSC09625DSC09624DSC09623 DSC09626 DSC09627 DSC09628DSC09629 DSC09630 DSC09631 DSC09632 DSC09633


The boys enjoyed themselves. They liked seeing work done by kids like themselves. If I hadn’t had to work that morning, we could have entered, had we registered earlier in the month, I suppose. They also liked the fact that each artist received a brand new box of chalks to use during the competition. My guys are really attracted to colorful things, so this event was perfect for them.

DSC09634 DSC09635

One of the great bonuses of “Chalk Craze” was this beautiful work by John Lopez. The artist used cast off “junk” to piece together this sculpture. Thing1, who is rather mechanically inclined, really enjoyed walking around the head, leaning in, and seeing what individual parts were used. Thing2 appreciated the expression on the horse’s face. Such different boys were able to look at this sculpture and come away with different impressions. Perfect!


DSC09642 DSC09643 DSC09644 DSC09645 DSC09646 DSC09647 DSC09648 DSC09649

We really love the town of Brookings, SD. There is always something going on for families. There are tons of green spaces for the boys to run, lots of great restaurants, and a nice, friendly community. Events like this make me feel at home in South Dakota.

Emily, Doer of Stuff