Chalk Craze!

I had the opportunity to take my boys to an event called “Chalk Craze” in Brookings, SD back in July on Saturday the 28th. Hosted by Brookings Arts Council  and the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, local artists of all ages are invited to register and draw whatever they’d like on their very own 4 x 4 foot square of sidewalk right off the Downtown area along Kidoodle Way. There are really two events here – a judged art competition for the more art-inclined, and a family-friendly version for groups to create a collaborative picture.

DSC09625DSC09624DSC09623 DSC09626 DSC09627 DSC09628DSC09629 DSC09630 DSC09631 DSC09632 DSC09633


The boys enjoyed themselves. They liked seeing work done by kids like themselves. If I hadn’t had to work that morning, we could have entered, had we registered earlier in the month, I suppose. They also liked the fact that each artist received a brand new box of chalks to use during the competition. My guys are really attracted to colorful things, so this event was perfect for them.

DSC09634 DSC09635

One of the great bonuses of “Chalk Craze” was this beautiful work by John Lopez. The artist used cast off “junk” to piece together this sculpture. Thing1, who is rather mechanically inclined, really enjoyed walking around the head, leaning in, and seeing what individual parts were used. Thing2 appreciated the expression on the horse’s face. Such different boys were able to look at this sculpture and come away with different impressions. Perfect!


DSC09642 DSC09643 DSC09644 DSC09645 DSC09646 DSC09647 DSC09648 DSC09649

We really love the town of Brookings, SD. There is always something going on for families. There are tons of green spaces for the boys to run, lots of great restaurants, and a nice, friendly community. Events like this make me feel at home in South Dakota.

Emily, Doer of Stuff


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