The Shot@Life Birthday Bash Continues, Cyber-Style!

Mad props to all of my Champion friends out there who are taking the time to celebrate Shot@Life’s first birthday in high style! This post continues from yesterday’s post, and I’ll be putting content up each day this week to help pass the celebration on to others.

As you can tell from my Blog title, I DO STUFF. Sometimes I take physical challenges for fun, sometimes I try new things to experience this world that we live in, and sometimes I do stuff simply because it’s important. Shot@Life is in the latter catagory – Shot@Life is important.

What Do I DO for Shot@Life? I advocate, I fundraise, I educate – I speak at events, I reach people through Facebook, my Blog, and through the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. I pass my passion on to others.

Not to brag, but this past weekend I spoke at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs South Dakota State Meeting, and, after my 1/2 hour powerpoint presentation, a woman in the back row raised her hand about wildly and announced at the top of her lungs that she would donate $100 to Shot@Life in honor of her very brand-new great grand baby twins. She caught my passion and became a Doer of Stuff.

Nuts and bolts right here: $20 pays for the procurement, shipping, and distribution of vaccines that cover four major diseases: polio, rotovirus, pneumonia, and measles. $20! That’s all it takes to give a child a Shot@Life – a Shot at birthdays, a Shot at playing soccer, a Shot at hugging their mother.

Take some time out of your busy day today and become a Doer of Stuff: check out and learn how you, too, can become a Champion for all those kids in the world who need their childhood vaccinations.

Here are some awesome and inspiring stories celebrating Shot@Life’s 1st Birthday….

1. Angela Youngblood, whose own mother threw her fantasic birthday parties when she was a child, interviews Suzanne Chan, who is both a mother and a lobor and deliver RN, on her blog ‘Jumping With My Fingers Crossed’. Giving Kids A Shot@Life

2. Elizabeth Atalay of ‘documama’ gives us all a list of a few ways that we can help give kids a Shot@Life. Happy Birthday Shot@Life!  #BirthdayBash – you can catch her passion by reading this article.

3. Courtney O’Donnel interview Sili Recio on her blog ‘thesunnysideoftheroad’, right here on WordPress. Happy Birthday Shot@Life talks about Sili’s life being raised in a developing country until she turned 5.

4. Homegirl Quel (Kel) in Austin interviews Yolanda Gordon, a mother of two children with Autism, and discusses the importance and safety of early childhood vaccinations. Shot@Life Champion Spotlight: Autism Mom Supports World Immunization

5. Yolanda Gordon was then inspired to interview Ellen Marshall (right here on WordPress) in her blog ‘lesser known feats of awesomeness’. Shot@Life Champion Spotlight: Ellen Marshall

6. Kimberly Murray, of Kimberly Murray Photography, interviews Documama’s Elizabeth Atalay for Shot@Life’s Birthday Bash. Celebrate Shot@Life’s First Birthday With Documama (Then check out Kimberly’s fantastic photography throughout her website. WOW!)

7. World Mom’s Blog (a tremendous resource, all you moms out there) interviews Courtney O’Donnell, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany, about the importance of vaccinations. A Birthday Wish for Every Child: a Shot@Life

8. Anyone from Utah? Check this out: Shot@Life Champions will be giving away FREE cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy gourmet bake shops in honor of Shot@Life’s 1st birthday! Locations and times are posted here. How cool is that??

9. formerly phread posts about Shot@Life and how it’s a totally legitimate charity backed by some very real people. What is the Global Mom Relay?

10. Dad Labs (taking back paternity!) interviews Melissa Gardner about why she joined the Shot@Life campaign. Interview with Shot@Life Champion Melissa Gardner

11. My Mommy Reads posts from her 4 year old’s perspective. Kids deserve a shot@… …swinging, dancing, playing an instrument, swimming in the deep end, climbing trees and so much more! Kids Say It Best!

12. I have to list My Mommy Reads twice because she also interviewed my friend Amy Baxter, who invented a pain-reducing gadget called the Buzzy. So, rather than being the “Evil Needle-Wielding Fiend”, she can just be a great doctor. Dr. Baxter is also a Shot@Life Champion! Gettin’ Buzzy!

13. Julie the Wife interviews Jenny Eckton who traveled to Uganda with Shot@Life last year. It’s a Shot@Life Birthday Bash & You’re Invited!

Emily, Doer of Stuff


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