Shot@Life Turns the big 1!!!!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a big supporter of childhood health issues, particularly childhood immunizations. Earlier this year I took a big step and became a Shot@Life Champion, which means that I am now officially devoting some time each day/week finding ways to reach out to others to educate people about the importance of childhood vaccinations across the globe.

Because this week marks the 1 year “Birthday” of Shot@Life (and World Immunization Week) a number of us bloggers are taking to the blogosphere and writing up essays and interviews with people who are also passionate about childhood health. It’s kinda a big deal! A child dies every 20 seconds (statistically) because of a vaccine-preventable disease. That’s so sad…and so rediculous because their death could have so easily been prevented! Every child deserves a Shot@Life! Every child deserves to reach their 1st birthday.

I am going to post a number of links this week to other bloggers out there who are posting content in celebration of Shot@Life’s Big Birthday Bash. I encourage you to take some time to read what others are saying this week about the importance of childhood immunizations. Thanks for doing this for me…and for you!

1. My friend Myrdin Thompson, who admittedly is not usually a birthday kind of gal, interviews Lois Alter Mark in her blog “Roots and Wings”. Every Child Should Have A Shot@Life

And here Lois interviews Myrdin via StyleSubstanceSoul in a cross-pollination posting extraveganza! Myrdin Thompson: Change Agent and Shot@Life Champion

2. Barb Hoyer of “a life in balance” interviews my New Jersey buddy Sarah Donza Hughes. Shot@Life Birthday Bash

3. Jessica Peace-Urgalles sums up the benefits of Shot@Life beautifully in her blog “Ms A: Charity Meets Style” with her post Shot@Life Birthday Bash: Celebrating Birthdays Through Global Vaccination.

4. Holly Pavlika interviews Champion Lee Reyes-Fournier in her blog “momentumnation” in a piece called The Shot@Life Birthday! Meet A Champion.

5. Jessica at Found the Marbles interviews Lisa Lightner in Happy Birthday, Shot@Life!

6.  Sili interviews Courtney at My Mammihood with an article entitled It’s the Shot@Life #BirthdayBash!

7. Fadra from All.Things.Fadra celebrates this birthday in mad-video style! Celebrating One Birthday So We Can Celebrate More!

8. CoupleDumb Interviews Shot@Life Champion Holly Pavlika – and if you’ve never read CoupleDumb before, you are in for a treat!

9. Adriane Gentlicore of adrianescrazylife interviews Lori Harding in Shot@Life 1st Birthday Bash.

10. Elena Sonnino of LiveDoGrow interviews Lyssa Sahadevan, Former Teacher of the Year in her state, in Happy Birthday Shot@Life!

11. Mushy Mamma interviews veteran health practisioner Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco DNP PNP-BC CPNP FAANP (I love all those letters!) in Shot@Life’s 1st Birthday! #GetVax.

12. Jessica of Blog of a Bluegrass Belle (one of my favorite blogs to read each week) writes about the connection and support between Shot@Life and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, a volunteer organization that she and I both belong to (in our spare time!). Shot@Life and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs: A Shot at Sisterhood

13. more coming….


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