Still Doing Stuff…

…just not saying much about it.

I’ve been “single” parenting it all week long. Hub is finally home today, but now I’ve a grant to write, a child’s dentist appt and an airport run in the morning, then…. Whatever the day has to offer. Perhaps a nap? Hah! No, alas, I will be working on writing this crazy grant.

Since I’ve last posted, we took the boys to a science center, so that’s something to look towards in a future post. I was supposed to be a judge in a state-wide history contest, but that has been postponed until later on in the week due to impending weather – but also a potential future post.

Really, I’ve mostly been at home with the boys, trying to shovel and snow-blow us out. It is APRIL, I’d like to remind…the weather. APRIL. So we received maybe 6 inches of snow last week over three days, but this was the nasty thick, sloppy, wet, HEAVY snow. It took me three hours just to clear that which I am legally obligated to clear by my local municipality. I did enjoy late mornings spent snuggling with my little guys while watching cartoons from under the quilts. We couldn’t go anywhere, so we stayed warm and kept each other company. They had 2-1/2 days off of school last week.

This week? We are supposed to be due for a return of bad weather starting Wednesday. woot. I hate to be so negative about impending snow since I love all things Arctic, but I also enjoy Spring, wherever it went to this year.

Ah, and I did have quite the experience last night! I walked into my bedroom and saw that one of my recessed ceiling lights was RAINING. Yeah, that’s never good. I spotted a minor leak up in the attic that can be repaired as soon as the snow and ice are gone from the roof outside the leak location. For now it’s a bucket and the odd hope that things don’t thaw out too quickly lest more water appear. And ixnay on the ightswitchlay.

So I am still doing Stuff, just not in a planned, coherant kind of way.

Emily, Doer of Stuff


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