Emily Gets Up At 5:30 am And Survives

I am a self-proclaimed Doer of Stuff, and one of the concepts that I laid out early on in this blog is that I am open to suggestions of Stuff to Do. I was recently challenged by a visiting friend to get up in the morning and go for a walk…at 5:30 am. I’m not usually up at that time if I can at all help it. But I thought, for the sake of life experience, let’s do this. The exercise will be good for me, and no one else in the house will be up yet, so I’m off the hook for taking care of anyone that early in the day.

It occured to me early on that it won’t actually be light out, not this time of the year. And it will be very cold. But doable. I actually laid out my layers the night before so I could wake up and slip right into my Addidas pants and fleece while still wearing my pajamas.

A few immediate changes occured. I woke up and was actually awake, not groggy and mystified as to why my alarm was going off at that hour. I opted for jeans and a wool sweater with a light fleece jacket because my iPod told me that it was 30F outside, not as cold as I anticipated. I still wore my hiking boots rather than tennis shoes because I imagined that we would be encountering snow and ice. I didn’t really realize just how much ice we’d be tromping over. I only slipped and fell once during our walk, no damage done. Just served to wake me up a little more.

My buddy Joseph was up and ready to go. He obviously does this a lot because he set off on a pace that was healthy, rather than my normal “I’m following a circuitous three year old” gait. Luckily, my husband is 6′ 3″ so I can shift rather easily into the “person with long legs” gait.

A few observations:

1. I thought that I would be able to see a unique side of my town this early in the morning. But it was dark and icy, so I found myself looking more at my feet than at my surroundings.

2. I wouldn’t have guessed that we walked 4 miles.

3. 4 miles at our pace = 440 calories burned.

4. I expected to be totally beat when I got home. Instead I was happily awake, and the morning started off just fine when the kids woke up. I did sneak a little nap on the couch later on in the morning.

5. My inner ears were cold. If I do this again I will wear a better hat that covers my ears.

6. Joseph is a cool guy. We chatted the whole time (left me a little winded at times, but I wouldn’t admit this out loud). I learned a lot about him and his world. We are both educators and have similar interests at heart.

No particularly deep, life-altering ‘Eurekas’ while out this morning, but I did enjoy the cool, fresh air in my lungs and the company of a good friend.

I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was crazy, especially since I’m always complaining that I don’t get enough sleep. He laughed and said, You’ve never done this with me before. Of course not, he’s never asked. Plus, someone has to stay home with the kids.

Who else gets up this early to exercise? Comments always welcome here.


Doer of Stuff


2 thoughts on “Emily Gets Up At 5:30 am And Survives

  1. josephkerski

    It was indeed a huge honor to walk with you! And especially to be called your good friend. Likewise! I was a total wimp at 45 North today hiking around at dawn. I’ll let you know when I post the bone-chilling details.


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