The Point of All This STUFF

I used to write a blog over on Xanga (anyone remember Xanga?). I started it some time before I had kids, and stopped writing it once I realized it had turned into a MamaBlog. Nothing wrong with MamaBlogs, don’t get me wrong. I have some amazing MamaFriends who write some really worthwhile stuff out there in the Blogosphere. But this wasn’t my intention. So I stopped.

I was recently at a conference (next post) where I met quite a few woman bloggers, some Mamas, some not; they all encouraged and inspired me to start blogging again. I think that, with a little focus, I would like to do this. But I don’t want to purely be a MamaBlog. I want to blog to be about me – all of me.

I like to do Stuff. I believe that life is all about Living. I like to try things out, explore, give things a shot. This blog is going to be about me doing all kinds of different things with myself – some easy, some more challenging. And I will certainly take suggestions for my next adventure.

I will be breaking these blog posts down by tags (until I learn some other way that’s better – I’ve looked all over the WordPress site and don’t know what many of the options are) like: Travel, Cookings, Advocacy, and so on. You will get to read about me trying new things here, and sometimes I’ll drag my family along with me.

Hope you enjoy!

Doer of Stuff


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